Welcome to Emmanuel Church Workington

A Bible-believing family church.

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Our Mission Statement

“A Bible- believing family church. Seeking to reach, teach and equip people to serve Jesus, through the proclamation of the Gospel."

As a small church in Workington, we are striving to be ever increasing more effective for our Lord Jesus in our Community and County. The Key areas we are wanting to develop with the Lords help are:

1) Exaltation

We desire to grow in our daily relationship with our God, through a personal and vital relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. In all of our lives it is our aim to Glorify God through a Godly witness.

 2)Bible Teaching.

We believe the Bible to be the Word of God to mankind. It is through the Bible that we hear God speak. It is our aim to make His Word known in all our activities and bring our people to a greater and deeper understanding of the Word of God.

3) Family

As a church we recognize that all who join our church and who have a relationship with Jesus Christ, are part of the family of God. We are seeking to  embrace all ages as a spiritual family and are striving to develop all the areas of our church life to embrace all ages. 

4) Evangelism.

It is our deep desire that people would come to see and believe that  Jesus is God the Son and the only Rescuer for mankind. We are striving to make Jesus known through the sharing of this message with the prayer that many would repent of their independance of/indifference to God and put their trust in the person and work of Jesus as the only way to Heaven (John 3:16 ; 36).

5) Nurture

When a person trusts Jesus Christ, it is our desire to disciple and assist them in their spiritual growth through Bible study and personal support and friendship.

6) Training

Christians are saved to serve (Ephesians 2:8-10 ). It is our desire to equip our people to serve Jesus with their gifts and abilities. It is only through a proper understanding of the Bible that Christians are ready for service (2 Timothy 3:16-17 ).


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